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Contributions in the Washington Post

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A majority of GOP nominees deny or question the 2020 election results By Amy Gardner

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The unseen toll of nonfatal police shootings By Brian Howey, Wesley Lowery and Steven Rich



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George Mason University's School of Nursing doesn't have enough room for its students to join the program despite the United States needing more of these frontline workers.

Articles Morales wrote for the culture section and opinion sections. 2021-2022.

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Morales' debut poem, Bonded is published in this edition. 

Fall for the Book Festival -Digital Portfolio

cumulative of social media posts and creations Morales did for the festival in 2021. Access the portfolio here. 


Research Assistant

An additional scholarly article has been recently submitted for first review.

Morales contributed to the research of the articles along with the Oxford bibliography of the project focusing on Sarah Wentworth Morton. This was in collaboration with Tamara Harvey.